Whats Microblading

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery is the hottest new celebrity secret this is applied by a qualified specialist brow artist using a manual hand-held tool rather than a machine for the natural hair look. Microblading adds semi-permanent pigment into the epidermis layer creating superfine, crisp hair strokes. I specialise in ultra-realistic semi-permanent make-up, SPMU to imitate natural brow hairs whether you have over-plucked eyebrows or none I will work with you to achieve the perfect brow. You may also hear this referred to as eyebrow tattooing, semi-permanent make-up, SPMU or cosmetic tattooing.


Micropigmentation processes deposit ink on the top layer of the dermis, resulting in the semi-permanent tattoo that lasts 1 to 2 years. This will depend on if you like the sun or sunbeds as this will fade them. Brushstrokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hairs to make it natural looking. 

Who would benefit from this treatment?

Are you busy and on the go either as a busy mum or active in the gym, want to look your best every day, 

No time in the morning to pencil and colour in, want a fuller, shapelier brow that doesn’t look fake, never having to pencil in again? Then I have something very special for you!!!


Microblading works well for individuals with sparse, miss shaped or no eyebrows. The aim is to provide natural looking brows, perfect every day and night no need to pencil or colour in, wake up, wash and wear all day, every day, you’ll be ready for anything.


If any of the following describes you, then you should find out more about permanent makeup:

  • Poor vision or blindness

  • Find it difficult applying makeup

  • Sparse

  • No eyebrows due to a medical condition

  • Overplucked or overshaped 

  • Make-up rubs off in the gym
    Makeup smears or smudges and never stays in place

  • Alopecia

  • Unsteady hands

  • Suffer from tremors

  • Very fair brow hairs

  • Want to save more time with apply makeup daily

  • Just dreamed of fuller brows to build your confidence. 

WhyChoose Us? 


Microblading is an art. As a permanent makeup artist, I have a number of years of training and experience continuing to attend advanced training with the latest advancements in semi-permanent makeup to keep up to date with the latest technology.


My work speaks for itself and while price can be an important part of your decision process, it certainly shouldn't be the deciding factor. The length of time someone has been performing permanent makeup is not alone an indicator of the quality of the artist's work. You may consider saving for a while to go to the artist that has demonstrated their skills with good before and after photos. Having work done well first time is much less expensive than having work done poorly and then having correction work. Correction can take months and involve multiple appointments resulting in fees adding up to hundreds more. We are confident in our prices and our work.











How many appointments will you need? The colour application process typically requires two appointments. The first appointment will lay the foundation and framework for the shape and colour. During that appointment, will encounter swelling, fluids and other challenges related to working with skin. During the healing process, the colour on the surface of the skin will exfoliate and the colour implanted in the dermal layer will surface. Over 4-6 weeks, the colour will continue to evolve slightly. A second appointment 4-6 weeks after your first for your retouch. Light spots and a lighter layer of colour will be completely normal and the second appointment will typically complete the process and intensify the colour. Minor changes may be made at this time. Because we are dealing with skin and healing in a variety of conditions, we cannot guarantee that two appointments will be all that is needed to complete the process. However, a third appointment is rarely necessary and when it is, it is likely for the personal preference of the client and not because it is required for colour retention. Touch-up appointment fees are less than the first appointment.  

How many appointments needed?

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